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To Whom It May Concern:

My wife and I worked closely with Gina Ritchie for two years while our son attended Franklin Academy. Gina was a game changer. She quickly assessed our son’s learning profile, identifying the specific behaviors and mindsets that were impairing his performance. She also collaborated with teachers and counselors on a regular basis to keep him on track. Along the way, Gina effectively communicated with us about his progress, and sometimes lack of progress, which is so important to parents of children with learning differences.

Gina was both relentless and forgiving in her efforts to help us understand and address our son’s challenges, especially in the areas of executive functioning and motivation. She was a model of patience and kindness, but she did not hesitate to give us a gentle shove when needed. Gina always told us what we needed to hear, not what we wanted to hear, and yet she did so in a way that was both constructive and encouraging. We were constantly impressed with Gina’s knowledge, integrity, dedication, and professionalism.

I could not have been happier to learn that Gina had formed her own consulting practice. Our son left Franklin Academy several years ago, and he now finds himself at another crossroad in his education and personal development. I have no doubt that Gina will be able to help him choose the right path and, at the same time, coach us on the best strategies to strengthen his support network.

I strongly recommend Gina to parents looking for support and guidance about a child with learning differences. I welcome the opportunity to talk to any parent who wants more information about our experience with Gina. Feel free to ask her for my contact information.

Marty D.


Provided by a Colleague

To Whom It May Concern:

Gina Ritchie asked me to write her a recommendation and I am more than happy to comply. I joined Franklin Academy as a Science Instructor, having spent 32 years on the faculty of Berkshire School in Sheffield, Massachusetts. Coming from a traditional New England boarding school to Franklin was a major change for me since Franklin dealt with a special population of students diagnosed with NLD and Asperger’s. They had a unique and successful approach to working with the students which was very different from the way I had been teaching all my life. Gina, who has had a varied and rich background in education took me under her wing and proceeded to train me for the challenges at Franklin.

Coming from a content based curriculum (I taught AP Bio for 14 years), Franklin’s approach was much more individualized and mindful of the student’s disabilities, as well as strengths, of our students. Gina was able to offer insights and suggestions that were extremely helpful. Gina has a huge knowledge base of clinical and educational approaches that I would never have been able to access without her. On numerous occasions, I witnessed her work for hours with a student to solve a problem. And if that did not work, she would research the problem until she found a successful solution. Gina is a bulldog! Once she is given a task she will spend whatever time and energy is needed until it is completed to her high standard. Few on the Franklin staff had her breadth and depth of training and experience that Gina brought to the job.

She is thoroughly professional and expects those around her to behave in a professional manner as well. That is not to say that she doesn’t have a sense of fun, and I consider her one of my closest friends.

To conclude, as far as her educational work and leadership goes, no one in my 42-year career has demonstrated more knowledge and perseverance than Gina. Her understanding of the clinical and psychological needs to students with special problems goes beyond the norm. This is the person I would turn to if I had a student with learning difficulties.

Christopher Coenen

Science Head 2006-2015

Franklin Academy

Provided by a Supervisor

To Whom It May Concern,

It is my pleasure to write this letter for Gina Ritchie. In my position as the Learning Services Coordinator, I have worked closely with Gina for a number of years and have observed her many strengths and accomplishments.

As a learning specialist, Gina has demonstrated a vast knowledge of our students’ learning profiles and deficits. Gina has also taken it upon herself to remain up-to-date on best practices and to further her knowledge independently. She has been able to connect with individuals and ensign appropriate interventions and has the ability to teach both concrete and more complex conceptual thinking skills.

Gina possesses excellent written and verbal communication skills. As a supervisor, she has been both direct and supportive of staff, consistently training teachers and providing individual professional development that results in a stronger faculty skill set. She is respected by the teachers she supervises and is sought out as a resource by others. Gina has also brought insight into the planning of campus with professional development and created an evaluation system for all members of the faculty.

A counseling background adds to Gina’s professional skills set and has made her a unique asset to our institution. The ability to intervene with students beyond their academic needs and conceptualize what is driving behavior has allowed Gina to consistently positively impact the lives of students. She develops an excellent rapport with families allowing her to educate and address any issues that may be hindering student growth.

Gina Ritchie’s knowledge, ability to work with and train others along with her desire to constantly learn and improve upon her skills will make her an excellent choice for your institution. Please contact me if you would like further information.


M. Clifford

Franklin Academy

Learning Services Coordinator