Executive Functioning Coaching

Achieve Coaching and Consulting provides explicit instruction in initiating tasks, planning, organizing, prioritizing, transitioning/shifting between tasks, managing time and belongings, and self-monitoring. Assignments or real-life tasks provide us with an authentic context to assist in the development of these skills.

Social Skills Coaching

In addition to providing explicit instruction of specific social skills and opportunity for practice, Achieve Coaching and Consulting focuses on helping students to increase their awareness of the thoughts and feelings of those around them.

College Coaching

Achieve Coaching and Consulting assists young adults with the transition from high school to college. This can be a difficult period for anyone.  For students with learning differences, the transition tends to be intensified. ACC helps by providing sessions that assist college students in acquiring the skills necessary to manage the increased level of independence.

ACC and its coaches focus on developing a collaborative relationship with students. We assist students: in scheduling classes, prioritizing assignments, building and accessing support networks, communicating with resources, and managing social situations.

Life Skills Coaching

Achieve Coaching and Consulting provides services to young adults who need a little extra support while learning to live on their own. We can help with skills that include anything from budgeting, using transportation, to shopping and cooking. Additionally, we can assist in the development of job-related skills such as completing an application, developing a resume, or developing an understanding of job expectations.